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So I am about to get my AA in general education this spring. I was supposed to get it this summer, but my counselor miscounted how many credits I needed and told me I needed 12 instead of 17. Found this out right after our honeymoon, awesome I KNOW! So Josh has been urging me to figure out what I want to do after I get my AA.
Lately I've been leaning towards Radiology, with specifications in Ultrasound, I know I would love to be around babies all the time and the beauty of it. Eventually I think I would want to learn how to interpret the scan better, for birth defects. I have such sympathy and love for children born with things they couldn't help. But at the same time I think I would love to be a Cop. My dad always said he could see me doing something with the law. I don't know what it is, but I have very strong feelings about criminal justice and the way things should be. I get mad when I hear things about criminals getting out for murder, rape, anything really. I would probably study child protection or something, but anything that has to do with kids, makes me SO mad.
So I am kind of at a crossroads. The more practical of the two I think would be Radiology, I could find a job a lot faster with the way Josh and I want to move around in the medical field, than I could I think in the criminal justice field. I don't think Josh and I are going to be able to sit still very long. Especially me, I am literally addicted to traveling. Josh has to stop me most of the time because I think about places we could go and how we could use the money we have, instead of using it on things we actually really need. I mean we COULD live without a dresser or fixing my car (or getting a new car), right? Josh is DEFINITELY my level headed-ness in this. We would have an empty apartment and passports filled up, if it was up to me!
I would love to go back to Africa if I could, that is definitely my dream. Maybe help the people there again like I did in 2006. Goodness, their love and comfort and acceptance was just overwhelming. I will have to write about my experience there sometime, maybe of my travels in general.

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