Over the past few years I have come to realize friendship as a curse and a blessing. Now before you jump to conclusion, let me explain.
I believe it's a curse, because you can give yourself to another person as an emotional crutch one day, only to have them turn on you and not let you do the same when you need to. Also, we are people we are not perfect, therefore friendships will never be 'perfect'. But when our friends turn into people we never expected them to be, it's like a slap in the face, no? We meet people in life, we become friends and somehow we drift apart. It's hard when that starts to happen, slowly you realize your not the first person on their list to call anymore. I completely agree with the saying, 'life happens', but for some of us it's hard to realize it. Especially growing up, some friends are meant to remain friends and some friendships are meant to eventually fade away. Coming to this realization is not easy, but in life it is necessary. Just like it is necessary for children to learn to self-soothe at a young age.

Now, friendship is a blessing in many different ways. For example, Josh and I were friends before we dated. Towards that friendship turning into something more, we started to realize there was more to us than we originally thought. Now he is the first person I turn to for advice, to talk to, anything. He really is my best friend. Also, I've learned that God has a funny sense of humor. Sharla, Candace and myself have found to have quite a few things in common and it's amazing to realize this now, since we went to high school together! I really do find them to be amazing, beautiful, strong and caring women. I can't wait to see how God blossoms our relationship into something beautiful.
Kerstin, thank you for being my racer-friend! It's awesome to know that God can bring two people together from the same town in a new big city with no family around! :) 
Long friendship is also quite an amazing thing as well, one of my friends Sarah and I, have been friends since third grade! Amelia and I have been friends since 5th grade. Honestly, I am not really one to be into statistics, but from what I've heard according to statistics this length in friendship from elementary school through high school is quite rare. I think it's absolutely awesome to be able to not talk to a friend for months and pick up the phone chatting away as if time was never a factor!
I can't leave out my family. My sisters Emily, Gabi and Lavinia are my close friends in so many ways. Each friendship is different with them, but it's all beautiful in so many ways. My mother, Claudia is my friend in ways as well. She has been where I have been, in different ways. The way she shares her life with mine is such a blessing. I am SO blessed in so many ways!
I want to thank God for all the friendships I have been abundantly blessed with in my life, even if you weren't mentioned, you are definitely thought of and thanked. Without His hand in my life, I don't know what I would do without all of the wonderful friends I have.
Thank you all for being my friend!
P.S. I think this blog is opening up doors for new friendships and people I haven't talk to in years! Thank you Jesus!
P.S.S. This turned into a dedication blog without me realizing it! 

Nizmo thinks he is a perfect angel!

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