Reality Check

So I just finished watching "The Hurt Locker" tonight. Here is a quick synopsis of the movie,
Wow, is how I pretty much sum it up. Back up a few steps, I had actually talked to Josh earlier today and he wanted to know what my plans for the night had been. I told him just relaxing at home, being awake since 3:30am (I work for Starbucks) doesn't really call for an eventful night out. I mentioned that I would be watching "The Hurt Locker," and of course my husband being the most caring and selfless person I know, quickly asked if that was a 'smart' decision with it being Valentines Day tomorrow and with where he is at right now. I told him it would be OK and I was going to watch it anyway. After all the awards it has receive, I must say I was quite curious. To make stories short he reminded me that he is nowhere near what the movie portrays and to remember that it IS a movie, not necessarily 'complete' reality. But it's definitely sobering.
I won't lie, it did help with watching the movie. I didn't cry or flinch, I just watched. Josh was very wise to remind me he was safe and not in high risk situations as some of the men that actually have these jobs are. All in all, I truly believe people should watch this movie. Maybe it will help with the whole anti-war thing currently going on. Now I won't state my opinions on that, but hopefully it would give people a different perspective.
I am SO proud to be the wife of a soldier. Especially one that enjoys doing what he is doing. Every time I tell people that, they are shocked to hear that Josh ACTUALLY enjoys what he is doing. Now don't get me wrong, he doesn't enjoy being away from me or home. But he actually enjoys working in the Emergency Room. I think my husband is a bit of a thrill seeker (He DID jump out of a plane for fun..), working on the base hospital's E.R., I am convinced was starting to become a little repetitive. Like me, he needs change every so often. Being able to see different things right now is keeping him on his toes, even if he is worn out and exhausted. I know he definitely enjoys it. 
Every soldier out there doing their part in this whole matter is part of a team, currently team U.S.A. (It is Olympic season, sorry!). They are working together in different parts to protect you and me. And for that, we owe them everything. From the American Revolution, to WWI & WWII, to Vietnam every soldier, every man and woman that has served has not served for themselves, they have served for everyone else. 
These men and women give up their rights and options for our safety and freedom, thank you. Thank you Josh, thank you Sarah, thank you Robert, THANK YOU. 
I love you Josh. 

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