I recently came upon this article on komotv.com. I really love this soldiers perspective on everything and how he says, "I think everybody should serve in the military because the protesters who sit there and say, 'You guys are murderers, you shouldn't be in that country...' But us defending our country gives them the right to protest in the first place. They just need to know where to draw the line." I can't help but completely agree.
Coming back home has been completely bittersweet for me, I am so happy to have reconnected with friends, but I do miss Nevada. It definitely has become home for me. What I didn't miss was all the anti-war things you see around here. Living up here before I didn't really notice them, because they were so common, but now I see them everywhere. It truly is depressing to me to see all of those, because it's also bashing our military at the same time. It's not like our military have a choice of going over, they have to. I recently talked to a shop owner at Bella & Max (Cute kids clothing by the way!) in Country Village and she put it pretty simply, "If you were a small business owner or listened to what our troops really had to say, you would not be complaining about the war." It's funny to me to hear people say, we shouldn't be over there, we should not have gone in the first place...la-dee-da-dee-da. People have forgotten a little too quickly why we went over there in the first place, last I checked we we lost a lot of people on 9/11. Ok we've stayed over there too long, well we can't just go from having thousands of people over there to none. It doesn't work that way. From my understanding, we need to be over there right now. It sucks, I know (out of all people, I would know), but it's definitely necessary. The more people understand this, maybe they will soften to the idea of it or at least have more sympathy towards our troops.
Sorry if I get snappy towards anyone, I can't stand people talking crap about our military. I will snap back and it may not be so pretty.
(Puppy didn't want to come out from under the warm covers)

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