This 'n That.

Currently laying in bed (which is where I do 99.9% of my blogging) with my puppy curled up under the blanket at my feet, thinking, "What should I blog about in these last few minutes of Valentines Day?" So I say, "a little bit of this and that!"

What does Valentines Day mean to me this year? It signifies 1 year and 1 day since Josh and I were engaged to be married (he popped the question on Friday the 13th last year in order not to be cliche). Valentines Day this year meant celebrating it with our puppy Nizmo. Josh surprised me with a chocolate dipped strawberry bouquet from Edible Arrangements, that were absolutely delicious! I won't lie though, I went in to this day headstrong thinking I would make it through just fine. For all of you that don't care for the day, let those of us that don't mind it enjoy it, thank you! Josh and I were able to skype together for almost two hours tonight! What a treat! Almost immediately he could tell there was something wrong, funny thing is I was absolutely fine up until I started talking to him. Laying in bed with a puppy apparently just isn't the same as cuddling up with your husband. We both missed each other very much today, I think it might have been harder for me than him, but I know he was hurting too.  We are almost at the two month mark since the last time we saw each other now and for some reason it just seems to be getting harder for me instead of easier. When we were dating we would go two months with out seeing each other, sometimes three or one time four! So why does this time seem to be more difficult than those?
Josh is such the positive thinker when it comes to us. He knows he has to be a positive influence on me to sometimes help me through my days. As I was breaking down he kept reminding me of the good and none of the bad. He reminded me of the four months we spent together before he left and how wonderful and blissful they were. He reminded me to keep my eyes on God and to lean on Him more. God doesn't give us anything we can't handle, He told us that. He also reminded me of how hard it was for us to find a church in Las Vegas that both of our personalities fit (We still haven't found one) and to be so very thankful that I am back in the church I grew up in and love so very dearly. Every Sunday I find myself praising louder and listening harder to what Pastor Jonathan has to say, every sermon seams to hit some nail on the head for me right now. I am so thankful I have such an uplifting husband, he definitely got me thinking of all the positive in my life (including him of course!) and made me forget the negative. I am still thinking now and smiling.

So for those of you that are stuck in a rut, think of where you were before the rut, or where you might be after it. It does get better, I promise. Life is kind of like a staircase, it's not about how fast you can get to the top, it's about how you handle each step in front of you. Eventually we are all going to get to the top, but we can't all get there at once!

                                                                 Cuddle time with the puggle!

P.S. Check out this local shop I found on etsy, Woven Chains. Her designs are so beautiful! Thinking about ordering myself a new pair of earrings.

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