God Everlasting

Have you ever wanted something so bad your willing to do anything for it? That is the way I feel about God. I struggle with 'faith' the hardest in my life. Faith is knowing that being is out there, but you can't see them, feel them, hear them, yet you have to trust in them. That for me is my definition of faith.

I find it easy and yet difficult to understand why more people in this world do not have faith. Easy because it is such a complex subject. In church we are taught God is love and yet God is also justice. He will have the last say whether you like it or not, but he does it BECAUSE he is love. Just like parents discipline their children, they do it out of love. It is such a difficult concept to understand for most and that is why I believe there is a lack of faith in our society. How can a God that is said to be so loving allow the world to suffer? If you want a more intellectual answer I beg you to go listen to what Pastor Jonathan has to say about it here. I think it will be pretty obvious which link to click on.
Here is my answer, I believe God allows suffering in our world because we as humans are stubborn. Honestly it's true. I am an incredibly stubborn person, once my mind is set there is no turning back. We must see the good that CAN come out of suffering before believing in why God would allow such a thing. If we look at every natural disaster as a disaster the only thing we can do is cry. But, if we turn around and look at it as an opportunity to rebuild something stronger, we rejoice. When a natural disaster occurs people of all nations come together to help rebuild the community/country effected. We work together like the people God created us to be. White, black, yellow, whatever, we were created to be united as one.

God allows suffering for the greater good. I've been thinking a lot about getting a tattoo, I just couldn't decided on what I wanted. I originally planned on getting a trinity symbol to signify God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but I kept changing my mind. Until just recently I stumbled upon el-olam this. El-Olam is how it's said in Hebrew. I think this would be the best symbol to represent Christ on my body. God is everlasting in all he does and I feel if we stick with Him through all of His plans for us, we will have the greatest gift of all in the end.
Luke 1:37

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