Dear Annonymous.

This is a polite letter to whoever you are and WHY you feel the need to post such negativity on my blog. First off, whether you like my blog OR not, it is MY opinion and while people have their opinions, they also have the freedom of speech. Therefore, I am using my freedom in my own way. You may not like it, but others do.
Secondly, everyone makes mistakes. Including grammar mistakes, not everyone is perfect. So unless your major is/was English, I don't appreciate the English lesson.
Thirdly, if you could please refrain from posting negative comments on my blog, I will refrain from deleting them. I am trying my hardest to think happy thoughts and not dwell in the negative aspects of life or of my current situation. My goal is to make it through my husbands deployment with the best attitude I could possibly have.
Lastly, as for my coffee post, you may have not liked it, but all of my coworkers appreciated my honesty. I still stand by my opinion that I am frustrated with the fact that people are asking for extremely specific drinks in a failing economy and while others are devastated from natural disasters. I for one, do not like to buy coffee outside of work (it's free on days I work) because I don't want to pay for it.
Thank you.

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