I think I have finally figured something to give up for lent. It's not easy at all and this year (for the first time since...ever) it's not coffee! I am going to try and give up negativity out of my life. I've already started by deleting the people off of my facebook that don't really have very many nice things to say. The second step is to start thinking more positive. Now I try to have a positive attitude as often as I can, but sometimes life really does get in the way.
It's so hard to try and do something that should seem as easy as being constantly positive in the society we live in today. For goodness sake, look at the economy, the fact we are at war and in a recession. I also work in an environment where honestly, the simplest mistake sets people off as if you are the worst person on earth! It's hard not to be judgmental of people when they aren't very nice back or understanding.
I need everyone's help with this, therefor I am recruiting everyone that has read this. If I seem down, have a negative status, or am judging people I don't know, let me know. Encourage me. Help me keep a smile on my face.
:) Thank you everyone! I love you all.

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  1. Oh I sure will!!! duuude you should help me do that too!! I like that idea!! :)


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