Story Time

A very major thing in my life right now is getting to know a lot of different people I wasn't able to know before I left in August. Then again, with the wedding, work and school, there really was no time for friends! I'm sorry for the neglect to all my awesome friends this past summer leading up to the wedding. I promise it was DEFINITELY not you, all me. :D
Anyway, being able to get to know everyone has made me appreciate everyone's unique life store. Now, I haven't gotten to know all of their life story, but some very important stories, with valuable life lessons attached to them. The point of this blog is to write something unique and special about yourself you would want me to know. Remember this is a public blog and people can definitely see it. (For those that do not have a blogspot.com account, when you write it as anonymous don't forget to write your first name or initials in your comment, that way I at least know who it is.)
I don't know what I want to do with everyone's unique tidbit about them self yet, but I will figure something out in my brain. I am constantly thinking about everything! Just ask my husband, I don't relax well at all!
Well I figured I'd start off with something to kick this off.
I have had three name changes in my life. My initials have been A.M.A to A.M.N to A.M.O.. I pretty much moved down the alphabet. :D I was born in Bucharest, Romania under communist reign. My birth name was supposed to be Evelyn (according to my mom), but it wasn't a 'Romanian communist approved name.' Therefore my mother chose Ana Mihaela, after my God Mother Ani (pronounce Annie). I can speak, read and write in three languages right now, Romanian, English and French. AND my ultimate goal in life is to visit all seven continents, including Antarctica!
There you go! Now what about YOU?


  1. I am Kerstin Campbell Smutny and you know lots about me :) I drive race cars. :P

  2. Due to your own insecurities you had to delete my post. Typical.


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