So as most of you know I recently got a puppy. His name is Nizmo (Pronounced N-EE-Z-MO). For those of you that don't know, Josh's car is a Nissan 350Z. There is Nismo edition of his car, hence the name. We also liked it spelled better with a 'Z' than an 'S'. Anyway, so our puppy is a Puggle, that is a Pug/Beagle mix. He is super active and I am just in love with him. I love him to death! Housebreaking him is currently working 7 out of 10 times. But that's ok, got to forgive puppies sometimes.

So, the main reason I am introducing our addition to the family on my blog is first off, so everyone knows what I am referring to when I say his name. Secondly, to explain why I got him, besides the fact that I absolutely love dogs and REALLY needed a distraction while Josh is deployed. Lately, (pre-Nizmo) babies had the drooling effect on me, every time I saw one. Now I know we JUST got married and that most of you are thinking I am crazy (it's true, I am). I don't know what it was about children in the past few months, I just had a HUGE desire to have one and be a mother. Well, let me tell you having a puppy definitely put THAT desire away. I always knew it would be tough having a child, but hello reality check, can't exactly leave a child caged up for four hours at a time! No worries, no plans for children in the NEAR future, just enjoying being a mommy to my puppy. :) But there is the short story on some of the reasons I got a puppy.
P.S. Yes he is quite the mischievous one, he loves getting into ANYTHING, just look at the picture! 

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  1. haha! you can drool over my baby anytime you want ana!! it was great seeing you the other day btw. a repeat is a must =]


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