Did I ever mention how much my husband loves me?? A lot! 


Bring On The Rain

I don't know about you, but I am so in love with nature. Oh and my puppy! 

Just a BIG reminder of how small we are

Always been intrigued by the sky and the clouds. Check out these awesome shots I got as the dark clouds started rolling in

Back In Town For A Reason

So I'm sure God deployed Josh and brought me back to Washington for a reason. I'm sure of this because of all the new relationships I've formed. From being friends with two other wives from high school, to being apart of a couples small group to connecting with some awesome people from work. All of this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been able to come back.
I honestly thank God for providing me with all of these wonderful people to get me through Josh's deployment. It's funny how the Lord is able to get you through hard times, I look back on this past time and slightly giggle to myself how He is able to just nurture you and push you through hard times, with out even knowing your fine. I cried when he left and didn't know what to do with myself afterwords. But I pulled up my big girl underwear and headed into it headstrong, even when people didn't know what was under my smile.
So blessed for being able to have all these wonderful people in my life.
     Here's to rekindled friendships, new friends and ongoing friends! 
I love you all and thank God for putting you in my life.
-ana o.


Love Languages

So I was recently asked how Josh and I make our marriage work. As I have said before communication is the most important one, but here are a few rules we try to follow all the time;
1)When we are talking on the phone, texting or skype, we get everything out on the table and deal with it right then. 
2)We try our hardest not to go to bed angry at each other or ignore a problem. We have both found it makes it 10X worse if we go to bed mad at each other. 
3)We respect each other and love each other accordingly. Respect is huge in our relationship, we try to be respectful of each others feelings with out saying something that could really hurt the other person. Josh was raised on respect and honestly respect for him, comes before love. I say I respect Josh, rather than love and most times it means a lot more to him than saying, 'I love you.' He knows he is already loved, but he really wants respect. We both read the book, "Love and Respect" before we got married and it has already impacted our marriage a lot.

I am currently reading, "Five Love Languages," right now and it has already got me thinking about other ways I could use to improve my attitude towards Josh. It takes about how each of us has a certain 'Love Language' and we are all different. There is the language of affirmation, gifts, quality time, acts of service and physical touch. When do you feel most loved? For me it's a cross between gifts and acts of service. I feel especially loved when I receive a gift, it shows that you thought of me that day. Or when I am pleasantly surprised to have my husband pick up that chore I've been meaning to do. I don't know which one I am quite yet, but I know I will find out.

So lots of love, respect and a whole lot of other mumbo-jumbo into the mix and so far, I'd say we have a pretty successful marriage. Now ask me this in 10 years to see what's changed and what has worked for us.


Barbara Gardner Jewelry

So I love jewelry. End of story. I'm always looking for unique, fun, whimsical new jewelry to add to my box. Barbara Gardner is actually the mom of a good friend of mine from years of growing up together. I love her jewelry. I've added a couple pieces to my own collection from her. Check the rest of her stuff out here

Whether you like whimsical, fun or flirty, she has got it all! Thanks Barbara. (There I said your first name, happy?) 
-ana o.


How precious!

Oh my goodness! How adorable is this??

Anyone want to get them for me for our first year anniversary in August??! I would LOVE you forever! The best part is you can personalize them with you and your lovers initials. So ours would be J + A '09
I might just have to convince Josh that I absolutely MUST have these. I am in love with them SO much!
                                                      Check out more of her designs here!

I follow you.

As you all know I blog about anything and EVERYTHING. I just let it all out. Sometimes I wonder how my brain holds so much trivial information. But anyways, this post is not about me it's about all those other wonderful bloggers I follow. 
Here's to YOU.
Bring The Rain 
This wonderful woman lost her child just minutes outside the womb. They were told to abort, but they didn't. It was a blessing and a heart wrenching moment for them to understand they would not watch her grow up. But please read her blog and be amazed by her strength. 
Cake Wrecks 
You've all seen those horridly decorated cakes that just don't look right....Check THESE out for a daily laugh. Your sure to smile. 
Farmgirl Paints
A little bit of country eloquence to add to your day. Her paintings are beautiful and so amazing. I wish to own one someday.
Jrdm Designs & Photography
 Some amazing design ideas and beautiful photography. I just love to catch up on the latest trends with them
Living our love song
Similar to Bring The Rain, this mother lost her baby girl just short of five months old to a rare disease called SMARD. Her strength is amazing as well. I am just in awe of her. 
My Little Man
Close friend of mine and her insight of being a first time stay-at-home mommy. Follow her insight and watch her son grow big! 
One Mom
My former youth pastors wife's blog (that make sense?). Her story of how they finally became adoptive parents is inspiring to me. I've always wanted to adopt, now I feel like I know what it might be like a little better. She divulges on learning new things about her daughter, to what she stands up for. 
Racing, from a racer's point of view
What is there to say about this chicka?? Well she is my good friend Kerstin Smutny and she is a racer. As you can see my interests vary and are all over the page. I love this girl to death and can't wait to root her on in the big leagues! Go K. Smut! Oh and just so you know darling, that nickname is copywritten by ME! 
This lovely lady is Josh's friend Jason, older sister. I really hope that makes sense. Her blog is about absolutely everything and I love it! She is an interior designer so she shares a bunch of great tips and finds, but she is also a lover of the simple jewelry and food and anything else good! I love her taste in fashion, design and food. The fact that she doesn't believe in diets is also a plus, because neither do I! In fact this lady introduced me to the website etsy.As well as Jrdm Designs. :D Thanks Cecelia! 

Happy Spring! 

Jewelry for Today

These beautiful flat flower earrings I picked up in Snohomish &
This lovely handmade heart 'love' necklace. 
Happy Wednesday! 


Thoughts Before Bed

 1) First off there are still nice people left in the world. For example, we just got our tax documents back and the lady refuses to charge us. She says she gave us a 'military' discount. When really she didn't charge us at all! Her son was a marine and so she understands the whole military lifestyle and hardships. Therefore I think she gets how hard it is right now for us with Josh overseas. Thank you Lord for the few kind souls still left on this planet! 
2) I have decided being a mom is the hardest job on earth. This mothers day is dedicated to all you wonderful mothers out there. To those single, married, stressed, depressed, working, stay-at-home, crying when you don't know why, mothers. Thank you for the job you do everyday. I pray I am half as good of a mother in the future you all are right now. I go back and forth between wanting a child right now or waiting another 10 years...right now I am at five years! You all are wonderful. 
3) Please keep Josh in all of your prayers right now. I am trying to not worry myself sick with this, but it's hard knowing the person I love the most is in so much pain and I can't do anything about it. I'm sorry if I snap at some of you or am really quiet and distant, I don't mean to. I am just not thinking very strait right now. 
Luke 1:37
The tulip fields bring joy with their beautiful colors.


Out with the new, In with the old

As most know I've been raised in the beautifully mountainous area of Seattle, Washington.  There are the Cascade Mountain range on one side with the Olympics on the other. There is no place like it. I have definitely found a new sense of appreciation for the rain as well. It rains quite often here. For example, yesterday my Mom, Sisters and I went over to the Cabbage Patch Restaurant. One of the most scrumptious places to eat. Of course it is placed ever so cleverly in Old Snohomish, WA (Here is a link to the quick history of it) where there are stores abundantly filled with old antiques, things made to look old, french, or just plain silly. Did you check out my new necklace we found from one of the stores in my previous post? I will have to post my other findings as well. Snohomish is one of my Mothers and my favorite spots to just go and hangout. It's not like your going to the mall when you go there, it is more like you are going back in time, to the whimsical, old and beautiful. One of my goals is to find a vintage garden dress and just rock it in this century!
But back to the weather, it was pouring while we were there! I would have taken a picture, but I feared my iPhone getting destroyed and my husband would not have appreciated that one bit. We were quite literally jumping over curbs because the water was coming over it like a water fall! Unless we wanted to get our pants wet all the way up to our knees, it was either jump or get soaked. It was so amazing how the rain just poured down like that. I wish it would do that all the time when it rained. No more of this wimpy sprinkle rain.
One of my favorite places to go talk to locals, read a book or just relax and breath my sanity back to life is Country Village. How lucky am I that it is within walking distance? I have been going to this place ever since I can remember. I should find some old pictures of me there and put them up. I love just hanging out with their chickens, bunnies and ducks. My parents dog Sammy and my puppy Nizmo love hanging out there with me. You can go look and find treasures at the antique shops, or go find a new hobby at the bead room or stamping store. It's fabulous. I love places like these, they remind me of simpler days and to remember to breathe when times get tough.
Anyone disagree with relaxation? I think not. If your ever in town check out these local hangouts, I'm sure you will fall in love with them like I have.


The cutest necklace ever! French on one side... And English on the other! The little dial spins too! Yes! Thank you mommy!


Little Me.

Picture Of The Day
It's me! In Romania circa 1990

Half-Way back to Vegas

    Sorry to all for not writing lately! I got hit in the face with lots of work and I just started taking a class at school. Not an easy one either, Human Biology.
So I was recently playing around on my iPhone, yes I am most definitely apart of the elite iPhone group. Thank goodness I am too, because I love my iPhone SO much! For those of you that have not tried it, your missing out! I even have a countdown for Josh on there (85 days today!)
    Anyway, back to the right topic, I just realized there is just under three months until I am back in Las Vegas! I can honestly say I've never been so excited in my life. Maybe it is because as soon as I get back, unpacking commences and then it's just a waiting game for Josh to get his butt back in town? Either way, it is very soon and I am starting to anticipate it in my heart a lot more now. I keep telling myself to make it to two and a half months, then two, one and a half and so on. Sometimes if I don't teach myself to say that it makes it that much harder on me and I get really depressed and down. I think overall this whole deployment experience has been a good one so far. I don't have anything else to compare it to, but I've made it over halfway through with a couple breakdowns and mainly smiles.
    People around me continually ask me how I do it. I don't think there is a '100% Success Recipe' for deployments, I think the ingredients are mainly composed of laughter, happiness, positive attitude and room for tears. Without the sadness or the missing, it wouldn't be complete. You have to cry yourself to sleep or even when your skyping with him in order to make it through. I know my husband is probably thinking I'm a complete hypocrite for saying so, because he knows me as the person that holds everything in and puts my big-girl pants on and "deals." But what is 'dealing' with it, with out that longing for your spouse? He is completely right in saying, "You have to let it out sometimes in order to be happy." Yes Josh, it's shocking, but I do listen to you sometimes.
So here is to smiling and going back to Vegas in less than three months!
“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...to leave the world a better place...to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson