Back In Town For A Reason

So I'm sure God deployed Josh and brought me back to Washington for a reason. I'm sure of this because of all the new relationships I've formed. From being friends with two other wives from high school, to being apart of a couples small group to connecting with some awesome people from work. All of this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been able to come back.
I honestly thank God for providing me with all of these wonderful people to get me through Josh's deployment. It's funny how the Lord is able to get you through hard times, I look back on this past time and slightly giggle to myself how He is able to just nurture you and push you through hard times, with out even knowing your fine. I cried when he left and didn't know what to do with myself afterwords. But I pulled up my big girl underwear and headed into it headstrong, even when people didn't know what was under my smile.
So blessed for being able to have all these wonderful people in my life.
     Here's to rekindled friendships, new friends and ongoing friends! 
I love you all and thank God for putting you in my life.
-ana o.

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