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As you all know I blog about anything and EVERYTHING. I just let it all out. Sometimes I wonder how my brain holds so much trivial information. But anyways, this post is not about me it's about all those other wonderful bloggers I follow. 
Here's to YOU.
Bring The Rain 
This wonderful woman lost her child just minutes outside the womb. They were told to abort, but they didn't. It was a blessing and a heart wrenching moment for them to understand they would not watch her grow up. But please read her blog and be amazed by her strength. 
Cake Wrecks 
You've all seen those horridly decorated cakes that just don't look right....Check THESE out for a daily laugh. Your sure to smile. 
Farmgirl Paints
A little bit of country eloquence to add to your day. Her paintings are beautiful and so amazing. I wish to own one someday.
Jrdm Designs & Photography
 Some amazing design ideas and beautiful photography. I just love to catch up on the latest trends with them
Living our love song
Similar to Bring The Rain, this mother lost her baby girl just short of five months old to a rare disease called SMARD. Her strength is amazing as well. I am just in awe of her. 
My Little Man
Close friend of mine and her insight of being a first time stay-at-home mommy. Follow her insight and watch her son grow big! 
One Mom
My former youth pastors wife's blog (that make sense?). Her story of how they finally became adoptive parents is inspiring to me. I've always wanted to adopt, now I feel like I know what it might be like a little better. She divulges on learning new things about her daughter, to what she stands up for. 
Racing, from a racer's point of view
What is there to say about this chicka?? Well she is my good friend Kerstin Smutny and she is a racer. As you can see my interests vary and are all over the page. I love this girl to death and can't wait to root her on in the big leagues! Go K. Smut! Oh and just so you know darling, that nickname is copywritten by ME! 
This lovely lady is Josh's friend Jason, older sister. I really hope that makes sense. Her blog is about absolutely everything and I love it! She is an interior designer so she shares a bunch of great tips and finds, but she is also a lover of the simple jewelry and food and anything else good! I love her taste in fashion, design and food. The fact that she doesn't believe in diets is also a plus, because neither do I! In fact this lady introduced me to the website etsy.As well as Jrdm Designs. :D Thanks Cecelia! 

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