Out with the new, In with the old

As most know I've been raised in the beautifully mountainous area of Seattle, Washington.  There are the Cascade Mountain range on one side with the Olympics on the other. There is no place like it. I have definitely found a new sense of appreciation for the rain as well. It rains quite often here. For example, yesterday my Mom, Sisters and I went over to the Cabbage Patch Restaurant. One of the most scrumptious places to eat. Of course it is placed ever so cleverly in Old Snohomish, WA (Here is a link to the quick history of it) where there are stores abundantly filled with old antiques, things made to look old, french, or just plain silly. Did you check out my new necklace we found from one of the stores in my previous post? I will have to post my other findings as well. Snohomish is one of my Mothers and my favorite spots to just go and hangout. It's not like your going to the mall when you go there, it is more like you are going back in time, to the whimsical, old and beautiful. One of my goals is to find a vintage garden dress and just rock it in this century!
But back to the weather, it was pouring while we were there! I would have taken a picture, but I feared my iPhone getting destroyed and my husband would not have appreciated that one bit. We were quite literally jumping over curbs because the water was coming over it like a water fall! Unless we wanted to get our pants wet all the way up to our knees, it was either jump or get soaked. It was so amazing how the rain just poured down like that. I wish it would do that all the time when it rained. No more of this wimpy sprinkle rain.
One of my favorite places to go talk to locals, read a book or just relax and breath my sanity back to life is Country Village. How lucky am I that it is within walking distance? I have been going to this place ever since I can remember. I should find some old pictures of me there and put them up. I love just hanging out with their chickens, bunnies and ducks. My parents dog Sammy and my puppy Nizmo love hanging out there with me. You can go look and find treasures at the antique shops, or go find a new hobby at the bead room or stamping store. It's fabulous. I love places like these, they remind me of simpler days and to remember to breathe when times get tough.
Anyone disagree with relaxation? I think not. If your ever in town check out these local hangouts, I'm sure you will fall in love with them like I have.

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