Thoughts Before Bed

 1) First off there are still nice people left in the world. For example, we just got our tax documents back and the lady refuses to charge us. She says she gave us a 'military' discount. When really she didn't charge us at all! Her son was a marine and so she understands the whole military lifestyle and hardships. Therefore I think she gets how hard it is right now for us with Josh overseas. Thank you Lord for the few kind souls still left on this planet! 
2) I have decided being a mom is the hardest job on earth. This mothers day is dedicated to all you wonderful mothers out there. To those single, married, stressed, depressed, working, stay-at-home, crying when you don't know why, mothers. Thank you for the job you do everyday. I pray I am half as good of a mother in the future you all are right now. I go back and forth between wanting a child right now or waiting another 10 years...right now I am at five years! You all are wonderful. 
3) Please keep Josh in all of your prayers right now. I am trying to not worry myself sick with this, but it's hard knowing the person I love the most is in so much pain and I can't do anything about it. I'm sorry if I snap at some of you or am really quiet and distant, I don't mean to. I am just not thinking very strait right now. 
Luke 1:37
The tulip fields bring joy with their beautiful colors.

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