Thank you.

This day is intended to commemorate those who have served and lost their lives, those her survived and those who are serving. Thank you for your sacrifice.
I especially thank my husband for all he has done for me and the rest of us. I love you Josh.
-ana O.


Summer Breeze

Have I mentioned, I can't wait for sunshine?! Look at these beauties I have found. I would LOVE to sport them this summer. Now for convincing the hubby....

Like I said, convincing the hubby....
All of these courtesy of Ruche.
Hope you all are thinking happy summer thoughts!


Determined to Succeed

I am completely determined to make myself be crafty. I love going to the farmers markets and seeing all the things people are selling they have created with their own hands. I am creative, but I am NOT crafty. On The Daily Green I came across simple steps on how to make your own paper. Now in Las Vegas, if you want to recycle you have to do it yourself! There are no recycling bins or anything! I feel as if I am living in the past where everything is trash and recycling is non-existent.
The best part of this project is you use paper you are going to throw away anyway! :D I am hoping to reduce the amount of trash that goes out of our apartment significantly. I can't wait to try this when I move back.
Go here on how to do it. The steps are so easy too and the video is very helpful. Let me know how you do if you try!


Design, Design, Design.

I am no designer, interior decorator, fashionista or whatever you want to call it. I do know how to keep up with the trends, but I also love comfort. I'm moving back to Vegas in a few weeks and have an itching to change things up in my apartment. I moved/unpacked everything when I was there about three weeks ago. So I know what I am in need of. I think I've compiled a pretty good list of things we kind of need. 

  •  Set of dinnerware (I dropped the box and shattered mine during the move. OOPS) 
  •  Surround sound for our TV. (Our TV is the quietest ever! Even on action movies!)
  •  New curtain rod for our bedroom (Our old one is too short)

1)   This SUPER comfy chair (and footstool), I actually tested out!

(Almost fell asleep in it too! Wouldn't it make just an adorable nursery chair for the future?! They also have it in rocking chair style!) 

2)  KitchenAid Stand Mixer (I love my Momma's and she better watch out or I might take her's!)

   I would LOVE it in this pretty blue too! 


Hot Yoga

So I recently discovered hot yoga. I started back in February I believe and totally fell in love with the practice! I won't lie, it's helped my asthma, increased my balance and helped me focus on areas in my body that aren't nearly as strong as they should be. I've always known I have no upper body strength, but now I know how RIDICULOUS it really is!
For those that are unaware, hot yoga is the practice of yoga in a room at about 101 degrees with I think it was 30% or 40% humidity. You get hot, REALLY sweaty, but you push through it and concentrate on every breath you take. I didn't think I could do it, but honestly it's been so amazing for me. I recently hurt my lower back really bad and the possibility of back surgery this summer honestly scares me so much! So I decided to give it another go after a couple months of not going. My back feels 10X better and I have SO much more energy. I am trying to see how much I can increase my flexibility by the time I move back down to Vegas.

Check out this Traveling Yogi's website/blog and her opinions about hot yoga. :D She really explains the benefits of it really well.




My mother hosted the bridal shower of her good friends daughter yesterday. It was quite lovely to say the least. One of my favorite parts of it was everyone going around the room and sharing a piece of marriage advice to the new bride. One of the best pieces of advice in my opinion was, "There will be other wives you meet in your life, make sure you befriend wives that respect their husbands and love them, not hate them. That attitude gets passed onto you, whether you realize it or not." 
Probably my most favorite piece of advice I've ever heard. It's completely true though and it didn't dawn on me until now. She said in Pennsylvania she was neighbors with a couple wives there that hated on their husbands. After a while her husband started noticing she would come home with a hateful attitude about him after seeing those women. But if she would see positive women with a good attitude about their spouses, she always came home with a good attitude.
Just a good piece of Sunday advice I think. Happy Sunday to all of you.
                                           New Years 2009 in San Francisco, CA.

Tip of the Day: Take an early morning walk. Whether with a furry friend or alone. You tend to have a clearer head and notice more details in the world. :-)  Oh and if you see pretty flowers, pick them! As long as they aren't in anybodies yard of course. Check out my daisies! 


Just Thoughts

So I haven't written about it yet, but I joined a small group at church and we are basing our group meetings off the book, 'The Five Love Languages.' Anyway, I don't know what it was tonight, but I got very tearful and actually started crying. Now I haven't cried in a long while since Josh has been gone. It almost felt unnatural at one point. I've blogged about Josh and my unique situation multiple times and I've blogged about communication and patience and so much more that is common in making our relationship work right now. But I haven't really blogged about how we prepared for this.
Well, to be honest, there really is no way to prepare for this. The one main thing I constantly hear about first year of marriage is how much, 'In Love' people are with each other, how it completely gets them through fighting and all the stress in that first year. Since Josh and I have held together a long distance relationship from day one, I feel like we've always been emotionally loving towards each other, but never quite, 'In love' ( I hope your still following me on this because it's deep stuff!). From when we started dating each other, we knew there was a connection, but we also faced reality immediately and the truth of our situation. Did you know in 2005 only 2.9% of relationships in the U.S. are long distance? That's a very small percentage! Also, out of the 200 people surveyed 1 in 5 people claimed being in a long distance relationship made their relationship worse. That was our reality when we began our relationship.
I won't lie, it's hard, almost impossible. But if you go in with a positive attitude, you will make it work. That and God's steady hand in strengthening us from the inside out. But that's not why I am posting tonight. Well anyways, we were going through our study tonight and I got so tearful realizing the truth on how our relationship works, God planned for us to be apart during most of our relationship. It was a hard realization to understand and swallow too. He made it so our dating/courtship relationship would prepare us for this deployment. While everyone was going around the room talking about how they were still in the, "In Love" stage of their marriage, I thought how my relationship with my husband was already out of it. Don't get me wrong, I love Josh so incredibly much. But I am not googly eyed over him at all right now. He is not near me, I can't hold his hand, hug him, kiss him or even sleep next to him knowing he is there. Emotionally we love each other, there is no doubt. But I know already until he comes back, I won't be, 'In love' again.
Let me tell you, it's not easy to know this and still understand we've been married for almost 9months. I hope this makes sense to everyone because I completely understand if it's confusing. Our relationship works for us and that's all that matters.
I love you.

Mothers Day

Happy Belated Mother's day to all you wonderful Mother's out there. Yesterday was your day and I hope you were able to enjoy it. 
Can't wait until I'm a mommy.