Design, Design, Design.

I am no designer, interior decorator, fashionista or whatever you want to call it. I do know how to keep up with the trends, but I also love comfort. I'm moving back to Vegas in a few weeks and have an itching to change things up in my apartment. I moved/unpacked everything when I was there about three weeks ago. So I know what I am in need of. I think I've compiled a pretty good list of things we kind of need. 

  •  Set of dinnerware (I dropped the box and shattered mine during the move. OOPS) 
  •  Surround sound for our TV. (Our TV is the quietest ever! Even on action movies!)
  •  New curtain rod for our bedroom (Our old one is too short)

1)   This SUPER comfy chair (and footstool), I actually tested out!

(Almost fell asleep in it too! Wouldn't it make just an adorable nursery chair for the future?! They also have it in rocking chair style!) 

2)  KitchenAid Stand Mixer (I love my Momma's and she better watch out or I might take her's!)

   I would LOVE it in this pretty blue too! 

So I think when I move back next month I will post before and after pictures of the apartment. Hopefully I will be able to rearrange and add on, to my liking. I tend to have my Mother's pickiness when it comes to these things. 

Let me know if any of you come across any beautiful glass dinnerware! I'm on the hunt for just the right ones. 



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