Determined to Succeed

I am completely determined to make myself be crafty. I love going to the farmers markets and seeing all the things people are selling they have created with their own hands. I am creative, but I am NOT crafty. On The Daily Green I came across simple steps on how to make your own paper. Now in Las Vegas, if you want to recycle you have to do it yourself! There are no recycling bins or anything! I feel as if I am living in the past where everything is trash and recycling is non-existent.
The best part of this project is you use paper you are going to throw away anyway! :D I am hoping to reduce the amount of trash that goes out of our apartment significantly. I can't wait to try this when I move back.
Go here on how to do it. The steps are so easy too and the video is very helpful. Let me know how you do if you try!

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