Hot Yoga

So I recently discovered hot yoga. I started back in February I believe and totally fell in love with the practice! I won't lie, it's helped my asthma, increased my balance and helped me focus on areas in my body that aren't nearly as strong as they should be. I've always known I have no upper body strength, but now I know how RIDICULOUS it really is!
For those that are unaware, hot yoga is the practice of yoga in a room at about 101 degrees with I think it was 30% or 40% humidity. You get hot, REALLY sweaty, but you push through it and concentrate on every breath you take. I didn't think I could do it, but honestly it's been so amazing for me. I recently hurt my lower back really bad and the possibility of back surgery this summer honestly scares me so much! So I decided to give it another go after a couple months of not going. My back feels 10X better and I have SO much more energy. I am trying to see how much I can increase my flexibility by the time I move back down to Vegas.

Check out this Traveling Yogi's website/blog and her opinions about hot yoga. :D She really explains the benefits of it really well.


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