I am terribly sorry for being such a bad blogger. No really, I am sorry. As you can see I have been quite busy. I recently moved back to the Vegas area patiently awaiting the arrival of my husband from Afghanistan (He is 'supposed' to leave Afghanistan the 4th of July!). On the way down I stopped in beautiful Napa Valley, since I have family there. Passed through Santa Rosa and even made a stop in Sunnyvale. After going over the Golden Gate Bridge, of course. :) No trip to California is complete without the beautiful Golden Gate (Except that $6 toll fee is ridiculous!). Nothing really new, I go back to work at the bux next week. Hubby is coming home in less than two weeks! I am SO excited for that. I promise to be better about my posting (cross my heart and hope to die!...or not die. But you get the picture.)
This is my darling niece Abigail (Although I still call her Abi-snail)!
The bottom number is the amount of miles I put on the car from Sea-Vegas. OUCH.
My pup throws up on car rides, so he had lots of Drammamine in him! Sleepy time!
WOO Back to the heat!


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