Brains a Buzzin'

I have NO clue what to do with my life! This fact beyond frustrates me. I've prayed (am still praying) hard about the matter and nothing seems to 'POP' like it should. Should I be expecting a pop?? Or should I just wait? I don't know! All I want to do is throw my hands up in the air and hide under my covers. I'm back in Las Vegas now and am waiting for my job to start back up, (they have no organizational skills here I swear!). I was 'supposed' to start yesterday, BUT the dip-wits (is that rude? I don't care.) forgot about me and don't have me starting until the week after next! AH! I am bored and I am NOT supposed to be spending a whole lot of money...ugh. Two things which I find nearly impossible. I am going to the dog park every night and going through popsicles while on netflix like no other. 
Hmmm, OK here is what is on my mind for things I'm passionate about:
+I love to travel (Could I get paid for that??) 
+LOVE to cook
+Very passionate about environmentalism
+I like fashion marketing a lot (Almost went into that after high school)

+Could join the Air Force and do whatever
+I was always taught to pick a 'practical' career. None of those fall under the 'practical' category... I don't think. 
+ What could degree should I get that would actually work in this economy?? 

What are YOUR suggestions?

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  1. Don't pull out your hair like that.


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