I am complete. I have both of my boys (Doggy and Hubby) with me at home now. It feels great! I don't know what else I would ask for in the world. It's great to know everyone you love is home safe. I love it. I still don't know what I want to do with my life, but that is on hold right now. I am worry free to enjoy every minute with my husband. We can actually be a normal married couple now. I know 'normal' doesn't really exist in the world, but I think this might be a close second compared to where we were at last week. :) It feels good. So happy, I don't need anything else in the world. It's a good feeling. I probably won't be able to blog much (I'm sorry!). We are headed out to a resort in San Diego (rough life, eh?!) then up north to Seattle to visit my family and down to north. California in Napa Valley to visit his. It will be a lot of traveling and A LOT more miles on the our car. Buuuuut it will all be worth it. Except for the sharing of my husband, maybe our families have rights to...I don't care. I want him ALL to myself! Selfish selfish selfish. :) :) Don't care.
-ana. o. 
<3 Love you all....

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