Dreams, Goals, Wishes

Have you ever wished anything for your life? Ever sat down and just thought where you would want to be at that very moment? Are you happy with your life? What is it that you desire right at this very instant? That wish you want to wish upon that star but you know it can't come true, just yet. 
My current dreams are a little far-fetched, a little out there, but a lot of me. I want to grab a backpack throw in a toothbrush, a few pairs of underwear, deodorant, a shirt, a skirt and my camera and just go. Anywhere. I want to travel to my hearts content. Go visit the great wall of China, have tea with a monk, hang out with giraffes in Ethiopia, visit the children of Nairobi, swim in the mediterranean, cliff jump in Greece, relax with espresso and a baguette in Cannes, France.
But that is not all I want to do. I want to be a mother, to love on a being I helped create. To be there for my child when they fall and I get to pick them up. I want to teach them how to swim, to cuddle with them at night after fits of giggles from too many tickles. I want to love on them like Christ loves on us daily. 
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To finish off my 'wants' with this. I want to own a house where I can getaway to.
I want to live in a house so cozy, I will never want to leave. 
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I'm so young, yet I desire so much. Maybe I should just wish on some patience.
God is so good, I just need to trust in Him for all my hearts desires. 

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