Month O'Bliss.

Only sunset we saw in Mission Bay, San Diego.

I have been horrible about blogging. I am sorry. Okay not really sorry...BUT here's my excuse. My husband got back from Afghanistan (isn't that excuse enough?) and we went on vacation and visited families in Seattle and Napa. We drove the whole way! Needless to say we both lost our behinds somewhere between mile marker 1,500miles and 1,800miles. We love Josh's little 350Z buttttttt.....we had NO space. Visiting family was a blast to say the least. It was great to be able to spend time as a family together. Josh and I got to even meet the 15month old twins from New Jersey. It was fun. 

Also on our trip we did a bit (okay a lot) of shopping. Went into some AWESOME stores. It was a blast to say the least. 
Here are some of my favorite places along our trip. 
The Urban Seed -This place had the CUTEST most precious things. Little jars, soaps and some of the greatest vintage finds I could find. (Too bad we didn't have a bigger car!)
Gelatiamo - So it's not really a new place we discovered, we actually got the gelato for our wedding from here. Maria (owner) is the sweetest italian lady EVER! Honestly she sincerely makes the best gelato we have ever tasted. Josh and I have a problem comparing new gelato we try with her's. We might be a bit biased. Hehe..
Un Amore -This lady does custom designs on basically everything. Mainly blenders, but oh my goodness, I want one of her blenders SO bad! Her designs are to die for! You can get it custom designed for you too!
(Yes it's a mixer, Yes it's amazing) Image via un-amore.com

Sweet As Can Be Honey- Their honey is YUM-O. I fell in love with their Marionberry Creamed Honey. Put it on toast every morning. It's delicious!

Beaded Jewelry- Marlene Van Beek is the designer that made the jewelry for my bridesmaids. She is great! I love her jewelry. It is truly unique and very beautiful.

Adorable Abigail

Some of my favorite shots from our whole trip. Enjoy. 
Just my adorable niece and twin nephews!
Shot taken at Academy of Science Museum, San Francisco
Just walking the flamingos to their cage. Seaworld
Abigail and Sierra. Cute nieces.
Shamu at SeaWorld
Dinner after wine tasting with great friends

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  1. Ana, I am so happy for you that Josh is FINALLY home! It looks like your first month with him home was absolutely fantastic =] Plus it looks like you guys had a ton of adventures! Awesome! Hopefully your vacationing will be enough to get you through till your next one! And hopefully that next one will be back up to Seattle! lol!

    Love you hunny! And miss you very much!


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