DIY Office/Guest Bedroom

The time has come where our roommate is moving out this next week. 
It will be sad to see her gone, but I do have great visions for the bedroom.
I am going to back to school to get my event planning certificate and honestly there
really is no place in our apartment to study the way I need it. 
So I have decided to attack that room into making it my office/guest bedroom. 
I want to do this project based solely off of thrift stores and craigslist. 
Oh and A LOT of spray paint. :) 
I've been following Cecelia's blog 'sincerely, cecelia' for a while now. 
She always puts up some great inspirational things for food, furniture,
clothing, basically anything. I love it! Well a while ago she put up a post on 
chalkboards and do-it-yourself chalkboards. 
She posted a GREAT idea from b*spoke about taking 
an old frame and painting the backing with chalk paint and the frame a 
different color. I'm so excited! I'll keep everyone updated on before and after's. 

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  1. Event planning? sounds like a lot of fun :)

    oh, you also won my giveaway!!
    so email me at
    michelle {at} vintagejunky {dot} com and I will get in touch with Lindsey :)
    have a happy day!


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