day 26- what do you think about your friends
Well this is not an easy question. All of my friends are so different and unique, 
it's hard to explain what I think about them exactly. 
How about this, I could live without my friends. 
It's true, my real friendship lies within my family. 
But it's not family we are talking about now, is it? 
I love all of my friends dearly, they are all completely different people (duh). 
Each of them brings out a different side of me. 
For instance, Sarah brings out the goofy. 
Alyssa brings out the caring. 
Amelia brings out the fun. 
Sharla and Candace bring out the honest. 

My husband and family bring out all of me. 
They know me for who I am.
I have plenty of other friends, but it would be a longer list to mention them all. 

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