What do you aspire to be?  
I don't know why but this question popped in my head. 
I don't think I'll be able to fully answer the question until I figure that out for myself, but 
I do know what my aspirations for the future for myself are.

Firstly, I want to be a lover. I would love to not judge and just love on humanity,
people, animals. Nobody or anything deserves anything less. Plus it's been proven,
the more loved the child the better adult of a functioning society they are. 

Secondly, I would like to not second guess God. I know it's bad, forgive me 
I'm not perfect. But do you ever wonder why? Why anything. 
Why can people be so cruel when all your doing is serving them. 
Why do children get hurt from bad people? 
I know I should never second guess Christ, but it still makes me wonder. 
If there is anything in this world that upsets me the most is children 
being abused, hurt, even lied to by adults. There is NO excuse.

Lastly, I aspire to be gentle. 
I know it sounds odd, but it's the best way I can word it. 
I want to calm down on the sarcasm I tend to give out and be gentle on people.
I guess it kind of goes hand in hand with being a lover, but it's different. 
I want to care on people like Mother Theresa did. She was selfless. Never choosing
anything for herself. She was amazing. 

Luke 1:37
'For with God, NOTHING is impossible'
One of our engagement phtos.
Taken almost two years ago now. :)

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