Office Make-over

So here is the bedroom I am going to redo based off of craigslist and thrift stores. My rules are all furniture and most decorations have to be from either of those (garage sales count too). I say most because I have yet to find a good set of curtains for how tall the window is from a thrift store,
so I am hitting up places like Ross, TJ MAXX and Marshalls for that stuff. :)
Entering bedroom.

Right side.
First find! $5.00 at the thrift store!!
Apparently it had a giraffe theme at some point. I feel like $5.00 for a table that was $485 at one point is a VERY good find!
(p.s. my inspiration for the theme/decor is traveling... :) I'll show what I'm decorating it off of in a later post....) 

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