Day 11/12

I'm sorry for not posting yesterday. Second time I've failed at this 30 day challenge. 
This time I have a good excuse, got home from my eight hour shift at work and slept. 
I didn't wake up until 4pm and then I was in bed for the rest of the time.
I fell asleep again at 5:30pm and didn't wake up until 6:30pm. Hubby got home around 7:30pm. 
Shower and went to bed and fell asleep around 9pm. 
Yeahhhhh......Needless to say my body needed the rest desperately. I even fell 
asleep at work on my 30min break! I hate the flu. Ugh. 
BUT! I am feeling MUCH better now. :)

So onto day 11/12...
day 11- another picture of you and your friends
I know it said 'picture' singular. BUT, I couldn't pick which one. So.....enjoy.
Sarah and myself helping keep our beautiful earth pretty!

Picture taken in 2007. I love Amelia so much.

Yes these are my siblings. But they are also some of my best friends.

I LOVE this girl! She is definitely a VERY good/best friend. Love you Alyssa.

day 12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one
I've known about blogger for a while, but I didn't start having an interesting in 
starting one until I started reading Cecelia's blog, 'sincerely, cecelia'. She is the 
sister of one of my husbands best friends. Needless to say, I LOVE her design style. 
I fell in LOVE. 
I started my blog to keep me preoccupied with things while Josh was deployed
in Afghanistan. Nothing is more frustrating than twiddling your thumbs
for seven months. Soooo this was my 'escape' so to speak. I wrote about 
EVERYTHING. My feelings, our relationship, how proud I am of him....
literally everything. It's been really good to me. :-)

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