Day 13

day 13- a letter to someone who has hurt you recently
This is a toughie! I don't really have anyone who has hurt me recently. 

Dear Rude Starbucks Customers,
It is safe to safe to say you haven't deeply hurt me, but you have been rude to either 
myself or my coworkers. I feel as if this issue should be addressed. 
First off, we wake up at 3am for YOU. For you to throw your money down 
on the counter and look at your watches for the 8th time while we turn around
and grab your grande cup of drip coffee, which only takes a few seconds anyway
and then have you scoff for taking 'so long,' is in fact, rude. 
I feel as if your mother should have raised you better and if she did, shame on you. 
Now, for those customers that can't seem to keep their scones in their orifice while 
they are eating in our lobby at the table, clean up after yourself! We aren't your maidservants, 
there to run after every drop or morsel fails to reach your mouth. As for those which leave 
napkins, cups, plates and bags on the table...didn't your mother teach you how to throw away your
As I have stated, we deserve to be treated with the same courtesy as we treat 
you with at five in the morning. I'm sure if you think for a bit, you'll realize it's not 
THAT hard. 

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