Well we are back home now. Back from Los Angeles, back from the funeral, back to reality. Reality is setting in and my grandmother is still gone. It's hard for my to realize it because I did love her so much. She was an amazing person, nobody can deny that. Godly, loving and motherly. It's not nearly as hard for me as it is for my father and his siblings. Especially my aunt Simona, she passed on in her house. There's going to be an empty seat at Christmas, New Years and all the other holidays, but I think there will be an empty void in most everyone until we all take the time to heal. She was beautiful, the funeral was beautiful and I can't wait to see how Christ has added to her beauty in heaven. See you soon. 
If anyone reading this believes in the power of prayer, do me a favor and just pray. For the whole family. 
Thank you

Now to finish what I have begun,
day 18. a photo of one of your classes
I think this one is weird. 
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I couldn't find a picture of one of my actual classes, but this is where I got my A.A. from. :)


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  2. You know, after my Grandpa died, my family had a really hard time of keeping things together.. especially for things like Thanksgiving and Christmas time. sadly, we all kind of went our seperate ways. But now, it being nearly 10 years later, we are starting to come back together, and are forming that tight family bond that he emphasized the importance of SO OFTEN!

    I guess what I'm trying to say, is that it's ok to be sad right now.. but time does heal wounds. And soon, you will have moved past this tough time, and will cherish the memories you still have of her.

    I love you friend!


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