Today is a rough day for our family. I was woken up this morning with a phone call from my mother telling me of my grandmothers sudden death. She went home to Christ peacefully in her sleep sometime last night/this morning. Needless to say my grandmother was an amazing woman. Nobody can deny that. She had a wonderful sense of humor and some of the best jokes I've ever heard. She will be greatly missed for sure. My emotions have been all over the place today, but one thing I craved the most was snow. Winter is my favorite season hands down and I've been wanting to go up to Mount Charleston for a few days now. So today I took the opportunity and went. 
It was snowing when I got up there. I stopped at the information area of the mountain and got out. I stood against a tree and felt the snow and wind whipping on my face. It was cold and that's how I like it. I watched the snow fall sideways with the wind and it was beautiful. By the end of my 20min outside my face felt numb, my nose was running and my hair had snowflakes in it. It was beautiful, just like my grandmother was. She will be missed, but I am rejoicing with Christ she is finally in heaven with her husband. Her 70 years on earth will never be forgotten here. I love you Mamaia.

Here are my photo's I took for you all:
Magdalena Nastase on her 70th birthday in September 2010


  1. Ana - my heart goes out to you today. You, Josh, and all your family will be in our prayers for God to comfort you today and in the days ahead. I know how hard it is to be gone from home when we lose the ones we love so much. We all can be comforted in the knowledge that she loved the Lord and that she is whole again, no more pain, no more heart problems or kidney troubles. She is with the Lord she loved so much. Take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. E. DeVries

  2. Oh Ana I'm so sorry about your Grandma. I'm back home for the holidays. I saw my 95 year old grandma today. They just found lung cancer in her. I just have this feeling it will be our last time with her. Sending you a big hug and lots of prayers during this hard time.


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