A few of my favorite things II

A few things I love right now. 
This candle. Yes the scent is 'Leaves'. I know weird. I LOVE IT.
(Bought the candle less than a week ago...it's more than halfway burnt...)

I LOVE their bath bombs. They are delightful. Oh and all natural too!
Is natural cosmetics important to anyone else? It's very important to me. I buy 99% of my cosmetics from The Body Shop. I love the fact they have also taken the pledge to stop animal testing. They are in fact owned by L'OREAL which has tested on animals, but L'OREAL is trying to move in the non-animal testing direction. The Body Shop has not given up any of it's principles and standards since being bought out by L'OREAL.  More and more companies are taking the pledge nowadays. Did you know Lancome widely admits to testing on animals? 
Where do you buy your cosmetics from? What is important to you when buying make-up? 
The Wind
I love the wind! Some of the best wind storms I've seen are here in Vegas. I love a blustery day, like Pooh's blustery day! Is that weird? I don't think so. It's a nice change in scenery. I just have to make sure when I park my car the the supermarkets it's nowhere NEAR grocery carts. The wind picks up those carts incredibly here! I've seen carts take off car mirrors here. It's crazy! It's supposed to rain too. I've got my candles lit and I am about to grab my homework reading material and soak in the tub. BEST way to do homework I think. 
Off to soak with my bath bomb, candle and reading material. :)

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