In the stillness..

It's quiet. Peaceful.
I haven't blogged my own thoughts in a while, this is almost weird
Currently, I am up and Josh is still asleep. Mutt is licking my toes, wanting to go out. 
Buuuuut, I can't seem to make myself get up from my giant pile of laundry (I should have folded yester-year..) It's during times like these I feel blessed the most. Odd, because 
the house isn't clean (to my liking), laundry isn't folded and dishes aren't done. 
For me that means last night instead of doing all these 'things' I spent time with my husband and our mutt. It was perfect. We went out to the hot tub and just sat and talked. Watched our mutt try and eat 
the bubbles the hot tub makes and proceed to fall in. Nights like that, where I know things need to be done but I'd rather spend time with my 'family' are what I live for. Our relationship works for us. 
It's sad to me to see our society has come from where divorce was once something you didn't mention and now it's who hasn't been divorced. I personally don't believe in divorce (under circumstances where there is no abuse of course).  I believe things can be worked out. I've seen it happen. Another reason why 
Josh and I put so much effort into our marriage. 
I think there is hope for those on the brink of divorce, just put your faith in God and he will guide you. 
That's about all the thoughts I have for now. I do have some fun Etsy finds and Ruche shopping to show you later though! 

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  1. This is so strange.. I think Blogger had a glitch the last time I came on here, because your blog didn't show up in my blog lists and when I went to your blog I saw that there were no updated posts! (and I knew you were doing the 30 day challenge deal, so I was suprised to see nothing!) Then, I come on here today to see all these posts that somehow I missed! Darnit! Good job for completing the challenge! I think I want to do it now =] I might have to combine some days like you though =p

    I miss you dearly, friend =/ Will you be visiting for the holidays? If so, we MUST go get coffee! You'll be very impressed with the TODDLER that my baby has morphed into! What a miracle, babies are!

    Love you! Hope you will enjoy MY 30 day challenge as must as I have enjoyed yours!


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