Shopping ADDICT.

Yes, it's true. I am a shopping addict. 
Probablyneedhelp, but I'm not going to admit it. Nope, NOPE, NOPE
BUT, I promised to share my recent etsy finds cravings. 

This adorable green headband
Found at MadeByFlower

I NEED this for the holidays. Love the silver detail.

Yes, I craved, I mean caved in. Caramel Apple Marshmellows
Found at softlysweetly
(and yes I bought some....) 

This sweet jet-setting necklace. It would be perfect for my trip to Europe in January. :)
Found at wiyomu
I'm very tempted to buy it....or hint at my husband around Christmas time...ahem. 

Yes I bought this. Yes I can't wait to try it on...OBSESSED.
   Found at Ruche

Well there you have my current finds fancies and possessions. :)

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