Merry belated Christmas!

Did you have a good Christmas?
I hope so! 
Ours was good. Really quiet. 
We loved it. Our morning started off with a wake up at 4:55am. Yes A.M. 
We opened presents and then I made french toast for breakfast and sent my husband on his way to 
his 12 hour work day.
I spent the day relaxing and just enjoying Christ's birth. It was splendid! 
Then our friend returned from Afghanistan and I went to give her a big hug! 
Such a good Christmas present not only for her, but for us too. So happy to have her home safe after six months. Then returned home to make my husband baked potatoes and white wine artichoke chicken.
Here are a few photos from our Christmas season this year. 

Our little family

Our crazy mutt on a log!

Made completely of white carnations

Bellagio Gardens 2010
  Hope you had a fabulous holiday season! I know I did. 
Don't know how much I'll be blogging, heading to Paris and Romania on Sunday! 

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