No thank you?

So this may sound like ranting and raving (ultimately it probably is).
As most of you know, I work for Starbucks. The mean green coffee making machine. 
It's true. 

I am eternally grateful for my job, don't get me wrong. But today was just frustrating.To say the least. 
On top of completely NEW software which we were not trained properly for, our customers were the LEAST bit of understanding. We have NO idea where any of the buttons on our screens are and basically have to relearn everything. So our customers are frustrated we are slow and we are frustrated with the system and ourselves. 

Scenario 1 today:
Woman comes to the counter with her friends and asks for a "Zen Tea." 
-I respond to her, "I'm sorry we are currently out of Zen Tea. May I offer you something else?"
-Woman, "No, Zen is the ONLY tea I drink here, everything else is gross." (She scoffed at me!)
-Me, "Well I'm sorry ma'am, I was going to offer you our Refresh tea which has the peppermint qualities of Zen."
-Woman, "Oh yeah! Refresh is great! I'll take that."

Scenario 2 today:
Woman comes in with her sister (they looked alike so I assume they are related)
-Woman 2, "Have you guys gotten gingerbread syrup in yet?" 
-Me, "No I'm sorry, most of our district is out actually. Our supplier was completely shorted. How about a Caramel Brulee latte? It's rather good actually."
-Woman 2 sister, "That crap tastes fake! Why would you even offer that?!"
-Me, "Ok what would you like instead?"
-Woman 2, "Nothing, I ONLY drink gingerbread latte's"
Woman 2 sister orders and then woman 2 decided she actually wanted something instead after all. 

I just don't understand why people have to be so mean to OTHER people? What ever happened to courtesy or saying , "No thank you?" I just don't understand. 
After work today my husband came, picked me up and headed to Mount Charleston. North of Las Vegas about 30 minutes. We took our pooch up and went to play in the snow. It was a blast, needless to say (pictures to come). After we headed down the mountain to head back home a couple of teenage guys were flagging us down to stop. We slowed down to hear them out, they had pulled to the side of the road to let a car pass them and got themselves stuck in a snow bank. Their little mazdaspeed 6 was as stuck as it would have ever been! No hope without multiple men or a tow truck. (Wish I would have taken a picture, but I don't think that would have been appropriate.) We pulled over to give them ideas, told them to head to the road telephone and see if they could call AAA. Another car slowed down to offer help, only to have three other men sitting in the car. PERFECT. With my husband, the three other men and the two teenage guys they were able to get their car unstuck in a matter of five minutes! Praise the Lord! No pennies spent on AAA or another tow truck. 
What frustrated me most was nobody else slowed down, multiple large trucks passed us and didn't offer a hand. What has happened to humanity lately? What happened to being nice?? Is that such an impossible concept nowadays? It saddens, upsets, throws me up a wall and drives me crazy all in one. Especially because I am in customer service. 
I'm sorry if I've ranted and raved too much for your liking, I needed to get that off my chest. Seriously. My goal this holiday season is to avoid 'me' and give to 'you' or anyone else. It's what Christ's whole ministry was about when he was on earth and it is what we should follow as an example too. 

What can you do this holiday season to be nice? I would LOVE to know your ideas. 


  1. OH Ana, I'm right there with you sister! I feel like I could have written part of this blog myself! I just can't even understand how people can be so RUDE and SELFISH sometimes! Ugh, how do they justify in their head what they're saying/doing? Drives me freaking crazy!


  2. Oh, I hear you about rude customers... it's really not called for in any situation. So sad.

    But I kinda get not stopping to help people on the side of the highway, sometimes.... it's getting to be a scary world and sometimes you can never be too sure... But yes, I'd still want someone to stop and help me - but they don't know that I'm not a murderer or anything like that!


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