Past to Present

Oh hello there. How are you? 
I'm good. 

Any-who.....I was looking back through previous posts I've done on my blog when I first started this little get-away. Wow. I wrote A LOT. It's crazy to think how life has changed in just a matter of months since the hubby returned. As much as I hate the idea of him leaving again int eh future, I must say it is the reality I face with him being in the military. The most honorable thing about my husband is he knows his duty. I've met a lot of people in this world that do what they do because they have to, not because they enjoy it. I can honestly say Josh enjoys doing his job. As heart wrenching, breaking and impossible it may seem at times, he really does enjoy doing what he does. I'm proud of him for that. How many people in your life can you say they enjoy giving up their rights for your own? 
He is the most selfless person I know. Truly. Sometimes I wish I could be more laid back, relaxed and selfless like him, but God did create us to be different people. As hard of a reality as that is to some. 
I think I've referenced in different posts what his deployment taught me, but never all compiled together. 

I've learned to be more;
-Better listener 
(although I'm still not great)
 -Faithful to God
-Lean more on others
-Accepting of help and prayer 
-Open heart(ed) about my emotions
Most importantly, I've learned to be a
-Better wife.

To think, I couldn't have learned most of this without Josh being deployed. That's one way to look at the positive I suppose. It was hard and I hate to think of the chance again, but at least next time I'll know what types of emotions I'll be dealing with and how to handle them. Of course I'll always have my blog to escape to. Hope you all don't mind the tediously long posts at those times. :)

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