Pet photo!

I know I talk about our nutcase of a dog all the time. But it is pet week at Iheartfaces and I decided to enter the contest. :) 

Our dog Nizmo (Nee-Z-mo) is a crazy mutt to say the least. But we love him to death. :) 
Here's the photo I entered into the contest.
His ears were bigger than his head! He was so little!
Photo via me

Thanks Becky for the great idea!
For those of you wondering he is a Pug/Beagle (Puggle) mix. 

Photography love...


  1. How cute!!!! GREAT picture!!! >^..^<

  2. ohhh he's so cute. he looks like he is surveying his kingdom!

  3. Nice shot! I love Nizmo's pose. Very complimentary and telling of the breed. A proud determined stance with a beautiful BG.

  4. I love this shot! He is so in charge in this! What a cutie!

  5. OH!!! Another puggle!! I couldn't wait to open the page when I saw the thumbnail on Paper Heart Camera. I got my Storm about 2.5 years ago and we love her to death, too! And yes, they sure are a fun breed! Although, mine sure doesn't like the water - but I see yours does - or at least is willing to go by it!

    Such a beautiful dog and this shot really does show their personality - very brave and adventurous!

  6. Wow! How totally regal! Such a great shot.

  7. hehe - I just read your comment on my blog :)

    Stink, yes, they've got to be cousins or something! :)

    Storm had a sister (lost in a tornado a month before we were going to be able to get her!) who was uber snuggly - if you were sitting, she was in your lap laying like a baby to get her belly rubbed or kiss you or just relax... Storm is a bit more independent. She'll snuggle sometimes, but she'd rather have a little space most times. We've had some "talks" and the older she's gotten the more she'll snuggle.

    Storm also loves to sleep under the covers. And boy, if my husband and I are in bed but not under some covers (like oh, say it's warm in the room) ---- sorry - let me clairify - we have our computers/books in our room!) she'll keep nosing our arms and whining till we get under the covers with her - and we got to be under there with her, cause if we just cover her up, then she gets back out and noses us again! But we love her!

    Sorry for the book! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoy getting new followers! :-)


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