Composition of jumbled thoughts

While I have been contemplating how to put my thoughts together of my trip
to Paris and Romania this past month, I've also struggled with the idea of 
opening up my soul again to my feelings about it. My most intimate
RAW feelings are tucked away deep inside. I'm simply afraid to reopen 
the sadness and introduce you to them. Is that odd? 

Photos say many things, but an experience opens a world of emotions.

I think I will just show you photos of my experience in Romania first to share this experience with you.
Please feel free to cry, wonder, keep reading, just feel
Exactly like I did.
My Uncle Emmanuel and my Mama

Street next to my Grandparents apartment

Frost was so thick and cold. I fell in love.

There were many homeless dogs in Romania. Makeshift shelters like this were created for some.

Stay with me, there is plenty more to see. 
There was once beauty in architecture here.

Beauty in buildings.

There was once LIFE on these streets.
But now there is rubble. Rubble from over 20 years of destruction. Most streets still look like bombs were dropped and shots were fired recently. I've heard the rebuilding process is hard, there is no doubt in my mind of that. Until the government wakes up to realize the reality just outside their doorsteps nothing will happen. There is so much corruption and selfishness in the government officials alone it's no wonder nothing will be done in the next 30 years at least! Elderly people in their 70's and 80's are forced to make anything they know to make to sell, to NOT resort to begging. 

Take this for example; 
300 lei (Romanian currency)= $100 U.S. dollars. 
My grandfathers Romanian pension is currently less than $300 a month. 
That is considered a middle class pension. 
Sad fact is while that maybe his pension, food there is STILL around the same price as ours. 
Extremely HIGH. 

This realization was the sad truth I encountered multiple times in country. 
Most of the times you would see elderly like this woman,
Being pushed away while she was trying to sell her goods. How can a person live on such little a month and the arrogance of others? 
My biggest question I could not wrap my mind around was the fact there IS arrogance in the attitudes of people.  How is that possible with the state of the country in sorrow all around them? Where is the arrogance coming from? WHY is it coming? All of these thoughts constantly plagued my mind the whole trip. I consider myself a pretty cultured person overall, but this attitude I've never encountered before in any country I've been to. It was almost sickening.
There was beauty in the country to. 
Peles Castle. Former Romanian royalty would spend summers here

Queen's former drawing room

Sighisoara, Romania

Interesting fact about Sighisoara Romania it is one of the only fortified cities in Eastern Europe that is still inhabited. The whole cities architecture is of an original medieval Europe. It is a beautiful city. 

Original architecture of the city is peaking through everywhere.
Although it was almost gut-wrenching to see elderly and animals in the streets with no place to go, it was almost refreshing to see history around the corner. If I didn't find beauty in the place around me, I did find beauty and happiness in my Grandparents reaction to my Mother and I surprising them. 
My Grandparents

Overall it will be an experience I will never forget. An experience I will never regret. But it has been a sad and humbling experience as well. Thank you mom for experiencing it with me. I know I am not alone in these feelings. Love you mama. 



Yet another photo contest. 
What can I say, with 1,000 photos I have come across 
quite a few contests I'm able to participate in. :) 
This ones theme from Allie Photography.
(My kind of contest!!)

Here is my photo I shot in Brasov, Romania
of a couple walking around. 

Ever think about where your shoes have gone? 
I have a pair of sandals I wore in Kenya, Africa which I find hard to get rid of. 
Now I have a pair of boots I wore in Paris, France and all over Romania. 
My birkenstocks have been to Mexico, Canada and all over the U.S.A.. 
Some of my shoes are more well traveled than some of my friends I know! 


I've linked up with PaperHeartCamera.
This weeks Show and Tell is......
Yup. Since I took literally 1,000 photos on my France, Romania trip this past month, 
I've searched high and low for a doorway photo and found one that I absolutely love. 
Photo taken by me in Sighisoara, Romania 2011
SO much history in that little city. I was incredibly sad to see the state it is in. 
Such a city could be a beautiful tourist attraction for the country. 
But I'll post on that soon. 


Bucharest, Romania

Buna Ziua, from Bucharest, Romania.
It is with great pleasure that I write to you this evening from my birth country.
I don't know if most of you know I am Romanian by birth and blood.
Interesting fact about myself;
I was born on August 23, 1989. In the hospital named August 23.
In Bucharest, Romania. August 23 was national communism day here.

One thing that is definitely different is to look at my home country through an adult mentality.
Does that sound odd? I hope not.
Let me be frank.
Fact about Bucharest, RO from the past;
It was known as 'The Little Paris' of Europe at one point.
After the communists came, destroyed and left, nothing was rebuilt or rehabilitated to it's original state.
My mother and uncle speak of the beauty this city once had when they were kids. It's almost fairytale-like the type of things that once were. As we were walking through the city today I saw a glimpse of the beauty which once was. It literally reminded me of walking through Paris a few days ago. The architecture which now sits in pieces or rust. It honestly saddens me to see such a beautiful city literally a glimpse away from falling apart.
Slowly it is just now starting to be rebuilt and repaired, but money has always been a huge issue of course.
What made me even more sad is when my uncle would refer to his own city and country as the forgotten country left to the dogs (except not in so nice of words). I will bring my camera through the city tomorrow and photograph it. Like I said before, I haven't been able to put photos on my grandparents computer for whatever reason. I don't really know what else to feel right now besides confusion and saddness. As much as I don't want to feel this on my trip/vacation it's hard not to. Maybe I put to much emphasis on architecture and history, but it is who I am and who I was raised to be.
 A lover of the arts, culture, history and beauty.
I must say, I am proud to be this person.


Three day Paris stop

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying 2011 as much as I am. :)
Well my mom and I stopped in Paris from the third to the sixth. It was a BLAST.
To say the least...
Just tried to upload photos on my grandparents computer and for whatever reason it won't let me.
I'll try again soon. Sit tight!  


hello and goodbye

Hello 2011! 
Where has the time gone?!
Goodbye 2010? So soon....NO. Yes it's true. A new decade has come upon us. 
As much as I want this post to be significant and interesting, I must continue packing. 
I'm almost done and I'd rather not be up until 4am, when I have to wake up to catch my 
first flight of tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I fly from Las Vegas, NV onto Seattle, WA. 
And THEN......
PARIS, France. 
Yup. It's true. 
Jetting off to a french speaking country with my mother. 
Off to surprise our family. 
I will miss you all, hopefully I can blog a bit while I am there with photos and such. 
Enjoy the beginning of 2011 for me in the U.S.A.