Bucharest, Romania

Buna Ziua, from Bucharest, Romania.
It is with great pleasure that I write to you this evening from my birth country.
I don't know if most of you know I am Romanian by birth and blood.
Interesting fact about myself;
I was born on August 23, 1989. In the hospital named August 23.
In Bucharest, Romania. August 23 was national communism day here.

One thing that is definitely different is to look at my home country through an adult mentality.
Does that sound odd? I hope not.
Let me be frank.
Fact about Bucharest, RO from the past;
It was known as 'The Little Paris' of Europe at one point.
After the communists came, destroyed and left, nothing was rebuilt or rehabilitated to it's original state.
My mother and uncle speak of the beauty this city once had when they were kids. It's almost fairytale-like the type of things that once were. As we were walking through the city today I saw a glimpse of the beauty which once was. It literally reminded me of walking through Paris a few days ago. The architecture which now sits in pieces or rust. It honestly saddens me to see such a beautiful city literally a glimpse away from falling apart.
Slowly it is just now starting to be rebuilt and repaired, but money has always been a huge issue of course.
What made me even more sad is when my uncle would refer to his own city and country as the forgotten country left to the dogs (except not in so nice of words). I will bring my camera through the city tomorrow and photograph it. Like I said before, I haven't been able to put photos on my grandparents computer for whatever reason. I don't really know what else to feel right now besides confusion and saddness. As much as I don't want to feel this on my trip/vacation it's hard not to. Maybe I put to much emphasis on architecture and history, but it is who I am and who I was raised to be.
 A lover of the arts, culture, history and beauty.
I must say, I am proud to be this person.

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  1. Ana, what can I say... you put it better in words that anybody else would. Yes, is a sad picture of my beloved country and your description is true, but I still pray and hope that God with His amazing grace is at work... first in peoples hearts and the rest I know will come. And one more thing you are a gifted writer... use it
    Love you,


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