hello and goodbye

Hello 2011! 
Where has the time gone?!
Goodbye 2010? So soon....NO. Yes it's true. A new decade has come upon us. 
As much as I want this post to be significant and interesting, I must continue packing. 
I'm almost done and I'd rather not be up until 4am, when I have to wake up to catch my 
first flight of tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I fly from Las Vegas, NV onto Seattle, WA. 
And THEN......
PARIS, France. 
Yup. It's true. 
Jetting off to a french speaking country with my mother. 
Off to surprise our family. 
I will miss you all, hopefully I can blog a bit while I am there with photos and such. 
Enjoy the beginning of 2011 for me in the U.S.A. 

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