Yet another photo contest. 
What can I say, with 1,000 photos I have come across 
quite a few contests I'm able to participate in. :) 
This ones theme from Allie Photography.
(My kind of contest!!)

Here is my photo I shot in Brasov, Romania
of a couple walking around. 

Ever think about where your shoes have gone? 
I have a pair of sandals I wore in Kenya, Africa which I find hard to get rid of. 
Now I have a pair of boots I wore in Paris, France and all over Romania. 
My birkenstocks have been to Mexico, Canada and all over the U.S.A.. 
Some of my shoes are more well traveled than some of my friends I know! 


  1. what a neat idea! happy monday

  2. Very nice perspective. Love how both their legs are picked up at the same time/height!

  3. Cool picture! And I love how you relived where your shoes have been! Interesting !!

  4. Love that picture! Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. terrific photograph! Love the composition.

  6. I definitely know what you're talking about - there's something sentimental about a pair of shoes that have been down a particular road with you.

    I have a pair I wore EVERYwhere while in Kazakhstan, and although they're practically busted beyond belief, I just can't throw them away.

    Maybe we should think of a way to recycle our special shoes. People make quilts out of their important clothes - maybe we could ... quilt our shoes? haha.

    Great photo!! Love the perspective, and the implied yet secret story.


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