Next Chapter.

Well I think it is safe to say Josh and I have entered 
into the next chapter of our lives together and our marriage. 
We are looking to buy a house. 
Crazy as it may sound, it's the truth. When we found out our mortgage could be
half the price of what we are paying for our rent, it got us thinking...
Now is the time to buy in Vegas and we are trying to jump on that opportunity. 
A place to call our own? It almost seems crazy, but I'm so excited for it. 
So pray for us and keep us in your thoughts as we turn the page to this new story. 



Don't know why, but I have been avoiding my blog lately. 
Like I said, I don't really know why. Maybe because my last post
caused me to feel. Feeling wasn't exactly mutual either, it's lasted with me for a while now.

This is what I've been feeling lately:


Lots of emotions that are no fun to deal with. But it's reality. 
Now to turn this frown upside-down, I'm going to follow a trend I've seen off of a couple of 
my blogger friends. I'm going to write about things I 'LOVE' even if they are sad or even frustrating.

*I love both of my boys.
*I love our dog even if he keeps me up all night when I have to wake up at 3am for work because he's not feeling well.
*I love having my husband home from work. 
*I love saving for our future.
*I love overpaying in rent. 
*I love getting our first tax return! 
*I love not being able to go away this weekend because of saving.
*I love to love.
*I love my little family.
*I love watching TV with my husband
*I love my husband. 

Ok I'll save you all the mushy-gushy-ness. 
Anyway, just stopping in to say I'm still alive. :)
Happy Wednesday to you all.