It's official! I'm under 140 lbs! 
Ok only by .2lbs but I AM under. That's all that matters right? 
(Probably not the best thing to state as I am eating a brownie.)
Slight chocolate kick I had to shove to the curb. It's all better now, thanks.
Anyway between C25K, lifting weights and now I am starting to do yoga again with 
my friend Becky I am hoping to get my butt back in shape for summer. 
(Which seems to be around the corner here in Vegas).
Well I'm off to go push some weight tonight. :)

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  1. Congratulations Ana!!! Good job! That's awesome!!!

    I've been working on getting back into shape for several months now and just started the Jillian Michaels video "the 30 day shred" and it is AWESOME so far! If you're looking for that extra push to tone everything up and lose that last 10 lbs, like me, it's awesome!!! =] I already feel more toned and stronger and I'm only on day 6! =]


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