Dreaming of Warm Weather

So I am working on getting back in shape currently.
I've lost a total of five pounds so far and am working hard at losing at least ten more. 
I'm trying to have the best summer beach body I've had in years. 
My biggest problem is food. In Romanian culture life revolves around food, 
mainly meat. Actually... just pork. I wish I was joking. 
Anyway, not that there is anything bad with that, but there is such thing as too much excess. 
I am determined to live a healthier lifestyle, by NOT giving up my favorite things, but 
consuming them in moderation instead. I'm reading a book called "Thin Within," it talks about 
being comfortable with the way God made you instead of the way society wants to make you be. 
Society tells us we should all be a size 2 with a C-cup, long slender legs, plump lips and perfectly manicured nails. The book also trains you how to stop eating when your full instead of stuffing yourself until you have to move your belt buckle more loose.
Well for the record I am perfectly-imperfect and I love it. I bite my nails (working on that), my long legs have cellulite in the thigh area (it's hereditary) and I am a size 6 or 8 currently. I know I need to get back in shape. I know I am not 'fat' but I have not led an active lifestyle lately like I used to. A lot of it has to do with knee surgery I had almost five years ago now. It has cause insecurity in myself not tearing my A.C.L. again and a lot of it is me simply being lazy and going to food first instead of exercise. I am trying to be better about it in order to set an example for my own children in the future. Food is a security blanket that should be thrown off, but the comfort of the lack of effort is simply bliss. Once I get past this mentality I will succeed. Help me succeed in this new endeavor please. 

If I succeed my weight goal I will buy myself a new dress (which I am sure my husband will be happy to oblige). I am going for something to show off my new curves which I haven't ever had before.


I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone with slightly more form fitting dresses. I can honestly say I've never worn such clingy dresses in my life. They scare me. I feel like they are a different planet for me. Is that weird? But hopefully I will be able to wear them more often as part of this lifestyle choice I will be making. I talked to a former youth group leader of mine and have watched her get her lifestyle on track with being healthy and working out on a regular basis. After her first child her body literally dropped the weight as if it was nothing. She worked hard at it don't get me wrong, but I've seen women who didn't work out before or after their pregnancies and dropping their baby weight has been nearly impossible. I know this lifestyle change has to start now before kids get in the way or anything else crazy. 
I'll post updates and pictures for everyone with my weight and status. I'm not bashful. I promise. 
So far. One week ago- 147lbs. Current weight 143.3lbs. 
Week 2 of C25K (iPhone App on running again).


  1. Good for you Ana!! I also committed myself to making a lifestyle change and getting my body into shape! Unfortunately there are SOME things about my body that I can no longer change back, but everything else is a work in progress! I WILL get my body to the point that I want it by this summer! I've already lost 15 lbs since starting =] only 10 or so more to go!! =]

  2. (a) Good for you!! Tommy and I started about a month ago a healthier diet and we are both loving it. Neither of us needs to lose weight, but eating healthier has changed us for sure!!
    (b) I love dress #2. I just started getting into dresses this year (are we the same person or what?!?!) and so far have found some great ones at TJMaxx and Ross (btw they just opened one in Woodinville!)
    (b) miss you!!!


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