Our home.

Hello Friends!
Thank you for sticking with me. I am SO sorry for not being active on my blog. 
It has been a crazy whirlwind of emotions and schedules with work and buying our home.
BUT I would be honored to introduce everyone to our home 
on Gardenia Flower Ave.
(Yes we know the name is unique and looooong...)
Welcome home us!
It definitely needs a bit of work. 
-Carpet needs to be changed
 -Tile work to be done
-Paint, Paint, Paint.
-Lighting fixtures/ceiling fans (There are NONE)
-Backyard remodel (Nothing major)
-Did I mention Paint? It needs paint. 
-Bathroom fixtures. 
Like I said, nothing major. But it will definitely keep us busy. 
We are very excited about it. I am getting SO many ideas from all the 
wonderful blogging ladies I follow. :) I'm going to tell you now, thanks for 
letting me steal your ideas and remodels. It's appreciated abundantly. 

Please pray for us,
for patience, money and cooperation from the bank. 
Thank you!

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