A few of my favorite things...

Haven't done this in a while. But I figured with everything going on I would share a few of my favorites I like to indulge in.

My Birkenstocks recently fell apart. Well, I've had them for years, so not very recent, but Josh surprised me with a brand-spankin' new pair this past week. I have fallen in love with the sandals all over again! Is that weird? Probably.
I chose the newest style in a nice shiny blue. Check these babies out!
Mayari Onyx Birko
I know, probably the most hippie-ish, nerdy thing EVER. But I love them. I hope they last as long as my old ones. I had these ones HERE.
I am simply smitten with this sweet dress from Ruche. Oh I love me some Ruche.
Something Simple
Isn't it pretty? I just love how simple it is. I could dress it up with shoes and pretty jewelry. 
Speaking of pretty jewelry I am in LOVE with Olive Bungalow currently and am CRAVING their jewelry. They have the most pretty rings ever. Also, their stackable birthstones rings are something I really want to start collecting. One for Josh's birthstone and mine. Eventually we will add our kids gemstones when we start having those babies (not for a while though).
Stackable Birthstone Rings

I just love the different designs and how Josh could have fun with it. It could be so unique! 

That's about it for now. I just want to remind everyone to keep in mind the families affected in the South by the tornadoes. Please remember to keep them in your thoughts and prayers this week and throughout the next month. What is going on is devastating.
"For with God, Nothing is impossible"
Luke 1:37
PS- Also just wanted to mention that you can help the Red Cross provide food, shelter, relief supplies and emotional support to the thousands of people affected by the storms by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. (The $10 donation will be added to your next cell phone bill.)



You ever feel like the rug was just pulled out from under you?
Like you were standing on it and YOU were in charge, then all of a sudden the big
bully just came out of NOWHERE and decided to show his control over you.
Yeah. that's how I feel. I'm thinking that is how Josh kind of feels too.
Found out yesterday the bank (foreclosure) decided to pull out of the deal from selling the house to us.
No viable reason. At all.
They just don't want to. I'm feeling there is something we don't know. Probably won't ever know.
But at this point we are feeling a little taken advantage of. A little beaten up, to say the least.

Don't know what to do anymore. To buy or to rent.
"Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him. Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My salvation and my honor depend on God; He is my might rock, my refuge. Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge." psalm 62:5-8
So this is where we are now. 
Hurt. Beaten Up. Confused. 
Pray for us please. 
Gardenia Flower Ave, it was not meant to be.



At church today our pastor talked about the difference between dead hope and living hope in our lives and the living hope in Jesus. It was such an inspiring message. If you have some time to sit down and listen to it, go HERE please. The new series is called, "The Brand New Me." It's pretty encouraging. Have you ever tried a new diet pill, pair of jeans or 'age-defying' eye cream in hopes it will make you feel better, look better or look less old? That is what dead hope is. Or also known as false hope. Think about it, you place place all your hope in an item or person and they only choose to fail you in the end.

It's the reality of things or people. We are imperfect, as are items. You only get 'SO' excited for the next best thing before it becomes 'old.' It's the way technology works these days to.
The only thing/person we can place our hope in is Christ, He will NEVER leave us because HE is ALWAYS there. He will always be there waiting for us to turn to Him with our questions for help or praise or whatever is going on in our life. Without Him, there would be no us.

While I would LOVE to share the whole sermon with you, I think that would make for a VERY long post. So I will share with you some of my favorite finds I currently came across.
Teamotions Tea was created by a mom which lost her twin daughters right after they were born, she found solace in tea during her sorrow. I love the idea behind the company. I have yet to try the tea, but I would LOVE to. (hint to my husband).
Tea's I would LOVE to try. Look at the names!
All photos via Teamotions Tea
Have Hope

Enjoy Rest

Find Strength
I think this is so cute! 
A little tea light terrarium you can do yourself from this etsy shop.
Tea light terrarium

We have decided it is in our best interest to extend our loan and give the bank an extra month to clean up the title on the house. The refuse to pay the extra it costs to go month-to-month on our apartment and the extra costs to extend our loan, yet we feel as if this is where God wants us to be. I might be needing the 'Have Hope' and 'Find Strength' teas sooner than later, even if it is already in the 90's out. Please pray for us if you can.
Happy Easter! He has Risen indeed! 


A la Maison

Our house has been a hot topic in our lives as of late. Seriously, it's been on fire!
I'll give you the skinny on basically what's up right now. We found out this whole process to
'clean' up the title of the house in order for us to purchase it could take anywhere from three days to a month. Talk about a dragggg. Yeah...

Two days ago Josh and I decided to tell the our realtor to tell the bank trying to 'clean' up the title, if they hadn't finished the title by Tuesday, April 26th at Noon in order for us to sign papers we were going to pull out and find another place to sign a 12 month lease and not buy the house. Needless to say our realtor was NOT happy. Either way it was not up to him. We are tired of being dragged around and not being informed about whats going on. Josh and I aren't exactly the type of people to do this to.

Well today we confirmed the Tuesday date and also came up with the idea of going month-by-month at our current apartment buildings (since our lease is up on May 1st) hence having to sign a new lease somewhere else. The only thing with going month-by-month is it costs us $400 more. Which is outrageous. Our realtor is going to try and convince the bank to pay the extra $400 in order for them to get their act together to clean up the title and we aren't losing money. Crossing our fingers this works. If not then we are officially pulling out of this house on Tuesday if they aren't done with the paperwork.

Hopefully this house is what God has in His ultimate plan for us because otherwise I don't know what else to pray for at this time.



I'm linking up with Paper Heart Camera for this weeks photo challenge.
Photography love...

The theme is: Once. 

Once upon a time....

There lived Romanian Royalty is this beautiful castle in the mountains.
Taken by myself at the Pelesi Castle in the Transylvania mountains in Romania.


House Prayer

As good as it was to get away for a few hours Josh and I were also told some pretty upsetting news about our house. We have been preparing to close on this house tomorrow. But of course that is not going to happen now. Basically the bank which owns the property (it's a foreclosure) have to finish documents with the previous owners of the house, even though they don't own it. It's all a very frustrating situation to say the least. Our bank was not aware of the situation, neither was our realtor and of course we had no clue. It almost feels as if the bank that owns the house tried to play us somehow and for whatever reason is leaving this up until the last minute and we are just now finding out about it.
 I think the questions going over in our heads at this point are along the lines of;

Why was this left until the last minute? 
Why are we finding out about this now? 
Why us? 

Our realtor told us he has only had this happen with one other couple he has worked with, so it is very frustrating to even know those facts. So as of right now we are looking at one to two weeks until we get the keys. So basically we have no time to clean up the place before we move in like we planned or rip up the carpet for the flooring we have now. Oh and my father-in-law had to postpone his trip down to help us with these things as well, which means we don't know if he will be able to come now.

 My (Our) faith is in God and his everlasting wisdom. Patience is hard, but that is what we are having to do. We are going to be contacting the title company and banks to explain our frustration with the situation in hopes this will not happen again to another couple.
Please pray we are out of our apartment by May 1st. That is when our lease is up and we can't afford to double up on rent/mortgage. Please pray for patience. Also, please pray for all of our anger and frustration to be taken away.

Cracker Barrel? Yes Please.

So I am not much for Southern cooking (I'm sorry! I didn't grow up on it).
BUT, I must admit Cracker Barrel wasn't too bad. Don't know what I wanted to expect, but it was a lot of fun. The experience of Cracker Barrel was even more fun than the food. I went with two friends, Sasha and Brittny and had a blast. From singing a little Michael Jackson in the car to having a bus full of junior high boys asking for our number from their large yellow school bus, Flattering, but no thank you. .
It was a BLAST for a day trip only 90miles outside of the city.
Brittny and Sasha


Cracker Barrel!

Read about their humble beginnings here!


Happy Birthday Amelia.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Amelia! 

You are beautiful. Strong. Trustworthy and witty. 
I love you as the friend you are and have always been!
Your going to be an AWESOME nurse. I hope I'm 
treated by you someday (kind of, except I'd be a terrible patient).
Can't wait to see what life brings you.
I love our talks after weeks of no talking. 
I love that we can catch up in 25min. what some people need days for. 
We need to plan a girls weekend away when life slows down. 
Happy Birthday Love.

Willow Tree | Events & Design

My dear friend Sharla is the owner of this company. 
She does events and interior design work. Her stuff is gorgeous and amazing. 
Seriously, anytime an event is coordinated by her it's beautiful. 
You can click on the link above for her website and info about it. 

Also currently they are doing a prize giveaway since she officially launched 
her website, it includes, invites, 15 person party coordination, cake, cookies, photo's and 
MUCH more.
 (Go ahead and enter if you are in the Washington State area.)
Don't forget to 'LIKE' them on Facebook too! 
(Photo's of weddings she has designed and coordinated are on her facebook account.)

I've added the link to her website on the right side of my blog ---> for your convenience. 


Well I am currently in a dreaming mood right now.
(And by dreaming I mean day dreaming. As in, I don't WANT to do anything...ugh. A funk)
It's Wednesday and I have STILL yet to kick my butt in shape. I know I know, I promised. 
I WILL be in the gym today after I update my here little blog. :) I will. 
I don't know what it is that has me all bent out of shape. Maybe it's the laundry list
that keeps going on over and over in my head, like the dryer. 
-Pulling up flooring.
(My parents have gifted us with laminate flooring for our home 
so we are pulling up our flooring immediately after we move in)
-Signing the papers. 
-Moving. (I think I mentioned this one)
-Future Financial Costs.
-School starts in the fall. 
-Work issues. 
Yep, I think I would consider myself slightly stressed. 
I know God has a plan for us and we are just part of it. 
On my praise report, I got accepted to UNLV's College of Business for Fall 2011! 
That's good, right? I've been praying hard about it lately and I know I have to finish school 
and get my degree before anything else big happens in our life. 
Now to figure out how to pay for school.....ugh. 
God has always been faithful to us in everything we have done in life, the praying never 

I think after we move and get settled in a weekend away to San Diego might be in the works. 
Funny thing is we have both mentioned it to each other and agreed on it. It's going to happen, 
it HAS to happen.
If you all could keep us in your prayers that would be great. Thank you.



Life gets crazy and a little hectic at times.
It's hard to bring it back home sometimes. 
We are about to close on our home, our apartment is in boxes,
my father in law is coming to help install flooring in our new house,
and we still have to move. OH and to top it off Josh and I are on opposite 
schedules. He is on nights and I am working days. So yup life is a little hectic currently. 
I've also been a little lazy about working out. I have yet to do week 4 of C25K simply because 
I've been lazy. I won't deny it, I have. Week 4 looks really challenging and kind of scares me. 
I WILL tackle it this week, I promise. But it will hurt because I skipped a week. 
Shame on me.
Either way, you all deserve updated photos. So I took a few of happenings. 
Our very on Bat-Dog

Our friends baby Sydney is getting so big!

Outdoor USO Country Concert last weekend. 85 degrees of glorious sunshine.

The hub's and Myself. :)