Life gets crazy and a little hectic at times.
It's hard to bring it back home sometimes. 
We are about to close on our home, our apartment is in boxes,
my father in law is coming to help install flooring in our new house,
and we still have to move. OH and to top it off Josh and I are on opposite 
schedules. He is on nights and I am working days. So yup life is a little hectic currently. 
I've also been a little lazy about working out. I have yet to do week 4 of C25K simply because 
I've been lazy. I won't deny it, I have. Week 4 looks really challenging and kind of scares me. 
I WILL tackle it this week, I promise. But it will hurt because I skipped a week. 
Shame on me.
Either way, you all deserve updated photos. So I took a few of happenings. 
Our very on Bat-Dog

Our friends baby Sydney is getting so big!

Outdoor USO Country Concert last weekend. 85 degrees of glorious sunshine.

The hub's and Myself. :)

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