At church today our pastor talked about the difference between dead hope and living hope in our lives and the living hope in Jesus. It was such an inspiring message. If you have some time to sit down and listen to it, go HERE please. The new series is called, "The Brand New Me." It's pretty encouraging. Have you ever tried a new diet pill, pair of jeans or 'age-defying' eye cream in hopes it will make you feel better, look better or look less old? That is what dead hope is. Or also known as false hope. Think about it, you place place all your hope in an item or person and they only choose to fail you in the end.

It's the reality of things or people. We are imperfect, as are items. You only get 'SO' excited for the next best thing before it becomes 'old.' It's the way technology works these days to.
The only thing/person we can place our hope in is Christ, He will NEVER leave us because HE is ALWAYS there. He will always be there waiting for us to turn to Him with our questions for help or praise or whatever is going on in our life. Without Him, there would be no us.

While I would LOVE to share the whole sermon with you, I think that would make for a VERY long post. So I will share with you some of my favorite finds I currently came across.
Teamotions Tea was created by a mom which lost her twin daughters right after they were born, she found solace in tea during her sorrow. I love the idea behind the company. I have yet to try the tea, but I would LOVE to. (hint to my husband).
Tea's I would LOVE to try. Look at the names!
All photos via Teamotions Tea
Have Hope

Enjoy Rest

Find Strength
I think this is so cute! 
A little tea light terrarium you can do yourself from this etsy shop.
Tea light terrarium

We have decided it is in our best interest to extend our loan and give the bank an extra month to clean up the title on the house. The refuse to pay the extra it costs to go month-to-month on our apartment and the extra costs to extend our loan, yet we feel as if this is where God wants us to be. I might be needing the 'Have Hope' and 'Find Strength' teas sooner than later, even if it is already in the 90's out. Please pray for us if you can.
Happy Easter! He has Risen indeed! 

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